Patti needed to downsize. It was just her left with a large four-bedroom home and it had become too much work to keep up with the place. What was even more overwhelming to her was what to do with all of the stuff she had accumulated over the years. She knew that at least half of her stuff would not be going with her.

“Where do I even begin?” she had expressed with a sigh.

That is where we guided her through the process. A dumpster was ordered and the cleanout day was arranged. We sorted room by room and her household goods were either loaded into a vehicle for donation or another vehicle for storage, and trash was loaded into the dumpster. Everything left behind was staged for the auction.

We had arranged to sell her real estate as well. The house needed a lot of work and she wanted to sell As-Is. She set a reserve price and if we did not reach it, she had the option to turn down the offer.

On Auction day, we had nine people registered to bid on the real estate. We exceeded the reserve price because of the live competition and high interest in the property. Then we continued the auction moving on to the personal property, selling collectibles, furniture, household goods, and tools.

By the end of the day, she had a solid real estate contract and all of the household goods, which had been weighing her down, were no longer a burden.

Patty was so appreciative and expressed to me, “I was so overwhelmed when we had first met, but you and your team really made this so much easier for me. Thank you so much for all of your help.”

This is one of many similar stories where we have helped guide people with a full-service approach to selling their house and property. Through this guidance, you will avoid the mistake of throwing away items that you thought were junk, only to make more money. Downsizing made easy when you sell your real estate and personal property all in one day.

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